5 Acres Yard

Our yard is spread over in an extended area of 5 Acres.

20000sqft Shed

20000 sq ft shed

3 Large Vessels

3 large Vessels Production Capacity

500 years of Tradition

Sulkha have a proven history to meet customer expectations

More than 500 years of manufacturing experience

At Sulkha Shipyard we try to learn from our experiences and try our best to build a better and beautiful vessel each time. our approach To our customers is “ your dream is our target”. Our main marketing is our customer satisfaction itself. Every boat is a new boat starting from scratch. Every inch of a boat is built by keen listening and understanding of our customers’ unique taste. It is not our boat we build but the customers’ boat built completely in their taste. And they can proudly say that “This is my boat, built to my taste.” At Sulkha Shipyard our main aim is to deliver that feeling of pride to each customer.

  • Dubai International Boat Show

  • Cargo Vessels

  • Ferry Boats

  • Dhows

  • Stitched Boats

  • Luxury Yatchs

  • Traditional Wooden Boat

  • Bagla

  • Ship

  • Replica Ship

  • Classic Boat

  • Yacht Interior

  • Air Conditioning

  • Fire Fighting

  • Wooden Lamination/Epoxy Boats

  • Luxury Wooden Yacht

  • Sambouk

  • Cold Moulded Boat

  • Fishing Trawler

  • Sport Fishing

  • Speed Boat

  • Electronics

  • Marine Manufacturing

  • Maritime Museum

  • Ferry Boat

  • Supply Boat

  • Tug

  • Patrol Boat

  • Power Boat

  • Sailing Yacht

  • Tall Ship

  • Marine Timber

  • Steel, Glass Fiber, Wood Fabrication

  • Marine Installations

  • Engine & Equipment Installation

  • Marine

  • Automation

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Historic Wooden Ship Replica