About Sulkha Shipyard

In 1989, our President established a company from almost nothing, to carry on the family legacy of boat-building and came out with flying colours. Through the test of time and new challenges, he has toiled, sweated and bled for the best of the company. Hailing from a family of traders, the seventh generation of ship-builders, our fore-father had established one of the first tile factories in India in a small town called Kasaragod. The export of tiles eventually led to increased demand for more ships for transportation and for expansion of the company. After years of experience in the shipping Industry and being directly involved in transportation of goods and building cargo vessels for the family business, our founder pushed the boundaries further to cater to the marine market and commercialise the nine generation-old company into the modern world. Our humble demeanour and our reliable history has brought us many satisfied customers. We hope that this brief history of our yard has given you a clear picture about our yard and its activities.

  • Our Firm’s Approach

    At Sulkha Shipyard, we strive to learn from our experiences and outdo our own best to build a better and beautiful vessel each time. Our approach towards our customers is “Your dream is our Target”. For us, the main rewards lie in our customers’ satisfaction itself.

    Every boat is a new boat built from scratch. Every inch of the boat is built based on a keen and clear understanding of our customers’ unique taste. It is not our boat we build but the customers’ boat built completely in their taste. And they can proudly say that “This is my boat…built to my taste and personality.” At Sulkha Shipyard, our main aim is to deliver that feeling of pride to each customer.

    Happy and satisfied customers and the workmanship of our boats are our greatest achievements and represent our humble capabilities. This in return, brings in more clients through existing customers, each one well aware exactly how our products are and the quality of craftsmanship.

  • Our Service

    Our yard is spread over an extended area of 5 acres on the banks of Valapattanam River. Under the 20000 sq ft covered area, we are equipped to produce three large vessels of the kind, which are under construction, or a vessel with a carrying capacity of ten thousand ton can be fabricated. 2500 sq ft workshop, a workers’ accommodation with ample facilities, spacious office space help us to take up a job without any hassles and make things go smooth and easy.

    The entire 20000 sq ft shed is under renovation, which is going to give our yard a new face. Presently, additional temporary sheds have been erected to expand the covered area and accommodate 9 vessels that are under construction at the site.

    A complete range of wood-working machinery including a break-through machine designed and built by our President himself, helps with crafting high-finish wood products used in our vessels.

    Our growing past experiences has helped us improve with every new launch. We are capable of building cargo vessels, Pleasure Yachts, Supply boats, Tugs, Patrol boats, Ferries and Fishing trawlers in steel, Fiberglass and Wood that are completely customised for each client’s requirements.

    Unlike production yachts, we, at Sulkha Shipyard, build completely bespoke boats… each boat customisable right to the nut and bolt of the vessel. Hand-built from scratch to finish, each vessel is completely unique and exclusive… one of a kind.

    Craftsmanship - Our company uses highly skilled and specialized labour to build the vessels. Our company brings in skilled personnel occasionally to train and share their experience in the field to the employees and bring them up to date with the present technologies and new methods of construction techniques for boat building.

    Our clientele includes many international and domestic companies and respectable individuals of the society. Apart from exporting finished wooden boats, we have also catered materials for boat-production, to the needs of the Ameeri Shipyard and Qatar Government Museums. We have also built 3 monohull ferry boats for the Union territory of Lakshadweep, constructed at a temporary site in the Lakshadweep islands itself.

    All design and build processes are computer aided. We use Auto cad, Fast ship, Maxsurf, Rhino etc. to aid to the designing of the vessels for utmost perfection and pre-build view of the boat in three-dimension.

  • We have around 100 people working as a team at Sulkha Shipyard, including expert craftsmen and skilled carpenters, trained machinery operators, fibre glass/ E- glass fabricators, metal fabricators, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, plumbers, heavy duty work force to place items in the boat and to help in launching of the vessels.