Our Legacy

And the Dynasty goes ever forward. “My son Suhail is taking a naval architect degree course at the University of Southampton. At present he is holding the position of Vice President of Sulkha Shipyard, and as soon as Suhail completes his course, he is going to take over and become the tenth generation to continue the family legacy.“My life-long prayer is to have boat building work and enjoy that work with great passion, and my greatest ambition, to build a tall ship, perhaps for a film production or a museum, or build a replica of a boat that has become part of history. “At Sulkha we create satisfied customers, giving them the maximum possible quality, in materials, workmanship, everything. Most of our new orders come from existing customers, because we make them happy and they recommend us to their friends, family and associates. We never compromise with quality, and that is our great attraction.”